Agglotech is Europe’s largest producer of agglomerate terrazzo.
Our aim is to encourage its use as a highly versatile and natural building product, fit for use in a whole variety of applications.
Agglotech’s terrazzo product is a recomposed stone obtained by an exclusive industrial process, without using any resins and mixing natural components such as marble chips, cement and water. Premium quality and made of natural material it creates a stunning and durable finish to any project.
Regardless of your needs, Agglotech terrazzo is made using components that will stand the test of time. This affords modern architects and builders design options that would otherwise be completely inaccessible. The application in which a material is used is just as critical as how it’s put together and Agglotech is designed to balance these key elements.
Stone is a hard material that is naturally shock-absorbent. In large sheets or sections it can become brittle, especially following exposure to elemental forces and human weathering. Agglotech terrazzo structural characteristics, however, combine the benefits of stone with the elasticity of softer, long-lasting binders.
While aesthetic appeal, comfort and ease of maintenance are certainly among its positive features, Agglotech’s endurance is what really attracts people.

Easy to maintain

Floors collect dirt and cleaning is an unavoidable fact of life; however, it’s much easier with Agglotech. In addition to being non-absorbent, Agglotech remains chemically neutral. Spills, messes and contamination accidents happen. Cleaning up is simple, a mop or regular floor cleaner should do and, though the substance spilled may very well make such methods impractical, it will never render any Agglotech surface permanently damaged.
With Agglotech, surfaces remain impermeable to contaminants, regardless of whether they’re inanimate or living.
Agglotech’s Urban Terrazzo is ideal for external paving and cladding projects.Agglotech’s Urban Terrazzo incorporates the important Tx-Active® technology developed by Italcementi. This exciting technology brings three additional benefits to its surfaces:

The surfaces reject dirt and stay cleaner
The surfaces act as a repellent against bacteria
The surrounding Air Quality is significantly improved